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In João Pessoa, we have 03 congregations of the Church of Christ located in the neighborhoods of Jardim Luna, Mangabeira, and Barrio das Indústrias.
During the 08 months of training, students help and practice in these congregations what they have learned in the classroom.


João Pessoa is the capital of the state of Paraíba.

It is known as "Porta do Sol", due to the fact that Ponta do Seixas is located in the municipality, which is the most eastern point in the Americas, which makes the city known as the place "where the sun first rises in the Americas" .

Founded in 1585, the city of João Pessoa is the third oldest state capital in Brazil and also the penultimate to be founded in the country in the 16th century.

The municipality is also notable for its tropical climate. It has the largest economy (industries, commerce and services) and tax collection for the state, for its beaches and for the various monuments of architecture and Baroque art.

João Pessoa as usual is a clean and organized city, thus pleasing tourists and the residents themselves. It is one of the capitals with the best quality of life in the Northeast Region, with several locations that help the population of the city to achieve a healthy and quality life.

There are squares with gym equipment, bike lanes and it is also law to close part of the waterfront for morning walks (from 5 to 8 am); it is the least unequal capital of the Northeast, according to IPEA.,_Para%C3%ADba

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